Last Ten Years of the Economic Integration of the European Union


Last Ten Years of the Economic Integration of the European Union


13:00 Gautam Sundares (Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat), „An analysis of the consequences of the adoption of the euro on the European Union”

13:30 Remigiusz Chęciński & Marcel Czabajski (Adam Mickiewicz University), „Economic security of the country in times of monetary integration in the EU”

13:45 Paweł Kwiatkowski (Adam Mickiewicz University),“The culture of the new capitalism and the European Union”

II session

17:45 Marcin Czerwiński (Adam Mickiewicz University), New EU rules on procurement and concessions as a step towards a more efficient European Procurement Market

18:00 Erika Trujillo (University of Virginia), „EU integration and the changing relationship between the US and Europe”

18:15 Emily Derlien (University of Sheffield) & Lisa Ann Landry (Boston University School of Law), The impact of EU integration on the economy of England

18:30 Arkadiusz Czekaj (Jagiellonian University) „European Patent with unitary effect as an example of essential controversy between more developed and less developed member states in European Union”

18:45 Maciej Barełkowski (Adam Mickiewicz University), „Joining the Eurozone – rebus sic stantibus?”

19:15 Maciej Pająk (Adam Mickiewicz University) & Katarzyna Libera (Jagiellonian University), „Freedom of movement within the European Union and the migration of Polish citizens”